Mr. Ford If You’re Nasty

Originally posted November 16, 2010

The peeps over at finally gave the world its first peek at Tom Ford’s new collection—his first for women under his own Tom Ford label and since leaving Gucci and YSL in 2005.

Here’s a little rehash for those who might not follow along at home as closely as yours truly. The runway show was presented in September during New York Fashion Week in the Tom Ford men’s store on Fifth Avenue to a very small audience of 100 people. No cameras, no bloggers, no Facebook leakers allowed. Alas, I did not make the 100-person invite list.

The models, all women who are inspirational to Ford, included such fashion-world lurkers as Daphne Guinness, Lisa Eisner, Julianne Moore, and Beyoncé Knowles, as well as über-models Amber Valletta, Liya Kebede, Stella Tennant and Natalia Vodianova. Each was dressed in an outfit designed specifically for her by Ford, who narrated the show from a podium.

I got my rundown of the show from one of the catwalkers who painstakingly described each person’s outfit, as well as her runway schtick. To say I am sad I missed this show in person is an understatement, as the aforementioned catwalker/debriefer is one of my besties, and I would die to see her stomping it out alongside Ms. Knowles.

Lack of invite aside, I am still thrilled to have Ford back in the fashion mix. He is really talented and the best kind of control freak. In the age of twits tweeting and where every idjit seemingly has a reality show, he managed to keep his designs out of the public eye almost until they hit his store.

I think everyone knows how bored I get with the fashion-world tedium of runway to fashion magazine to red carpet…to stores months later. So keeping clothing under wraps until it hits stores is, as they say in cliché world, a game changer.

And really, the only thing more thrilling than the cloak of secrecy surrounding Ford’s show was to finally get a look at his designs. I guess he was as perplexed as I with the humdrum sportswear yawning down the runways these past couple of seasons, because he delivered High Glamour—hallelujah. Thank you, Tom, thank you.

Ah, one last bone to pick, and then my work here is done. Old Lady Vogue, why must you mess with a good thing? The photos are very nice. Of course they are—they come from the camera of Steven Meisel, who is the master of masters. All others should bow at his feet. But you show the clothing on models, not on the women the pieces were designed for.

To that, I give a giant raspberry. Come on! That the outfits were designed for specific women makes them not just fashion but cultural anthropology, and I feel ripped off.

So now I hold my breath for the release of the official photos from the show (taken by Terry Richardson). They’re sure to show up at before Beyoncé’s outfit sells out, aren’t they?


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