How I Met Your Mother. No, Seriously.

MJ:  Hey everyone!  Look at me!  You thought it was crazy when I tattooed an Eames couch on my stomach.  Look at me now that I am channeling Chris Evert and Miles Standish at the same freaking time!  I am so odd.  I’m edgy.  I’m weirder than anyone else in the rooooooooooooom.

Wait.  What?  Peter Fucking Marino is here?  Who let him into my party?  It’s MY party.  I want to be the biggest weirdo.  I want everyone to talk about me.  I want to be OUTrageous!!!

Oh Christ on a stick, fine.  I’ll let him take a photo with me but if he gives me one of those bear hugs…

Oh fuck.  Here he comes.

PM:  Goldilocks!  Who’s been sleeping in Papa Bear’s bed?  Now come give Daddy some sugar.



3 Comments on “How I Met Your Mother. No, Seriously.”

  1. WTF What is up with these guys? Did you read the interview with Marino in the NYT Sunday Magazine today? Do you think they are both in different phases of their very public mid-life breakdowns? And are buckles back to stay?

  2. kendall conrad says:

    So funny Cat!

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