Sister, Mistress, Wife?

Tell me which it is , KJU.  If I am to continue having an affair with you in my mind, I need to know who I’m up against, competition-wise.  Is this your lady friend?  Is she married pop singer Hyon Song-wul who your daddy disapproved of and would not allow you to marry?  Is it your sissy Kim Yeo-jung?  Or is she your mystery wife?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter that much to me who she is because as far as I’m concerned she is standing next to you, pudgy dreamboat and I am here in Los Angeles at my computer.  Well, if it’s your sister or some government official I suppose I don’t care all that much.

But if she’s your lady love, then it’s Xisca all over again.  Well, not exactly.  But you get my drift.

Vamos, Rafa!  Me, Xisca, KJU and the mystery woman will all be cheering you on during the Olympics.  It’s bound to be better than Wimby, right?


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